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Terms and Condition


1.External Links:

The content of external links on our website is beyond our control, and we do not take responsibility for their accuracy or reliability.

2.Service Provision:

While we strive to provide accurate and useful information on the website and through our services, we do not guarantee the accuracy or applicability of the information. Please be aware that information may become outdated. We are not liable for any damages resulting from the content published on this site.

Terms of Use

1.Copyright and Use of Productions:

The copyright of the text and images posted on this site belongs to our company. Reproduction of the content, including text and images, without permission is prohibited. Additionally, designs created by our company may be publicly showcased as part of our portfolio with the client's consent. However, if a client wishes to keep specific design work private, we will respect that request if communicated explicitly in advance.

2.Prohibited Actions:

The following uses are prohibited, and violating these prohibitions may constitute copyright infringement. In case of violation, we may request compensation equivalent to the total damages incurred by our company. If it is unclear whether a specific use falls under these prohibitions, please consult with us.


(1)Reselling or reusing our materials in other products.

  • Using or reusing our designs in samples or references for websites, print materials, CDs, etc.

  • Selling or reusing our templates or design works on the web.

  • Selling or reusing designs created by us without permission.

3.Design Requests:

When requesting design work, it is essential to agree on the project's details, duration, and fees in advance. By requesting design services from our company, you are considered to have agreed to the basic policies outlined above. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

(1) Information Sharing: To ensure smooth service provision, it is crucial to provide necessary information before the contract begins. Detailed information and requests related to the project contribute to the effective and satisfactory delivery of design work.

(2) Changes After Contract: If there are changes in the project's content or specifications after the contract begins, additional fees based on the work involved may apply. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate requested changes in some cases.

(3) Additional Fees: Additional fees arising from changes or additions during the production process will be calculated based on the nature and impact of the modifications. We will inform you of the details of additional fees in advance and proceed with your approval.

4.Contract Termination:

If you wish to terminate the contract, it will be processed with the mutual agreement of both parties. However, we reserve the right to terminate the contract with a client if the client violates the terms of use or if there are other justifiable reasons determined by our company. In the event of contract termination during the project, fees for the work done up to that point and compensation for the provided services may apply. The client agrees to pay a reasonable amount based on the progress of the project. If a client intends to terminate the contract, timely notification to our company is required. Both parties will strive for sincere and smooth cooperation regarding the reasons and conditions for termination.


We may revise all or part of the terms of use. In the case of significant changes, we will announce the revised content on our website.

Contact Information:

For inquiries about this site, terms of use, or disclaimers, please contact us through the inquiry form.

Last Revised: December 31, 2023



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