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Pitch Deck

Leave a powerful impact and

accelerate your business with

impactful design.

Creating a pitch for investors is a crucial challenge within a very limited timeframe. We construct pitch materials that leave a lasting impact on the audience and precisely convey business ideas, stories, and business plans.

Supported by professionals with proven success and experience, including victories and awards in startup pitch events.

Speech bubbles, lines, and drawing pens

Storytelling and Structure

To empower presenters with confidence in their pitch, we deeply understand your business ideas and stories.


We assist with talk scripts and overall structure, ensuring a collaborative and responsive process for an impactful pitch presentation.

Presentation with cubes

Visualizing your ideas 

In the case of a new business, products are often under development.
We propose creating mockups to convey the details of the planned product or service more realistically, visualizing the future of your business through impactful visual design.

video player animation

Impressive Animations

By using animations effectively, it's possible to leave a strong impression and impact. We can set up animations to make your pitch more captivating according to your preferences.
We also collaborate with professional video editors to create demo videos if needed.

Speaker transmitting information

Expand your brand awareness

For startups, establishing a foundational branding is crucial for future visibility and expansion.

Together, we'll build from the business's image colors and design direction, creating visuals for a variety of design media, including banners for pitches and sales materials.


Shining Light On Your Presentation.

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