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Business Presentation

Designs Facilitating Communication and Connecting People to Business

We design business materials tailored to various purposes, such as company introductions, recruitment pitches, white papers, culture decks, and more, both for internal and external use.

Our designs go beyond aesthetics, ensuring your message is clear and engaging, serving as a bridge to connect businesses and people effectively.

clouds and office buildings

Company Profile

We specialize in creating visually compelling presentations that clearly communicate your business's strengths and the unique aspects of your products or services.

Whether it's enhancing existing materials or providing support with crafting text and structure, we're here to help.

Connecting people with the four circles

Recruitment Pitch Deck

To attract top talent that aligns with your company, a compelling recruitment pitch is essential. We go beyond a standard company introduction, focusing on showcasing your company's essence to help visualize your core values and unique culture, creating a comprehensive document that serves as a Culture Deck for easy reference.

Pie chart and document documentation

White Papers Marketing

Efficiently convey your B2B marketing insights with our White Paper designs, combining valuable content, easy-edit templates, and high-quality aesthetics for impactful communication. Elevate the value of your content with high-quality design, supporting lead generation and nurturing efforts.

corporate report

Manuals & Corporate Reports

For internal manuals and e-learning slide decks with a large number of slides, we propose PowerPoint materials that are easy to edit even after delivery and provide clear access to essential information. We also offer the option of creating vertical layouts tailored to content, such as corporate reports and annual reports.


Shining Light On Your Presentation.

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