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Presentation Design:
Design and Visualizing Data to Communicate Effectively.

PHAINO DESIGN specializes in crafting beautiful, engaging presentations and data designs.

We assist in visualizing complex information to facilitate clear and effective communication for your business.

Project Highlights


Branded Templates

Brand consistency is an essential element in a company's business strategy and communication with customers.

We create a style guide for presentation design to enhance the visibility of companies and services while establishing identity.

Additionally, we design reusable and versatile PowerPoint slide templates.

Business Presentation

We create a variety of documents for business scenarios, such as internal presentations, training manuals, product/service introductions for customers, and external recruitment pitches.

Under the design philosophy of  "Connect People with Your business," our aim is to convey messages clearly and effectively, facilitating impactful communication.

Sales Presentation

No matter how excellent your service or product is, it loses its meaning if not effectively communicated. With professionally designed sales pitch decks, we enhance your presentations, ensuring a stronger message and a genuine connection with your prospective clients. By using efficient PowerPoint slide templates that can be continually updated, you significantly reduce the time spent on document creation.


Pitch Deck

We craft a stunning pitch deck that precisely conveys business ideas, stories, and strategic plans to investors.

Don't forget  attractive mock-ups and add a touch of magic with effective animations!
Simple yet beautiful data presentations can guide you toward fundraising success and business prosperity. 

Data Design 

We design various types of data, such as infographics, illustrations, and corporate reports across a wide range of fields.

Tailoring to the target audience and specific needs, we visualize information with precise and clear design to facilitate smooth and effective communication.


How we work

Shape icons that mean eyes and information


After receiving your consultation,

the first step is to deepen the understanding of your company's business, products, and projects.

We listen attentively

and inquire to gain insights.

We explore various possibilities for addressing goals and challenges.

Aiming GIF animation icon


We clarify objectives and targets, defining requirements.
Before commencing production,

we establish schedules, estimates,

data specifications, and the

design direction.

This ensures a clear understanding of each other's roles.

Desktop computer and moving layout icons with GIF animation


We transform data and information into compelling designs, skillfully translating concepts and messages. By harmonizing typography,

colour palettes, layout, a blend

of illustrations and photographic elements, we craft captivating

visual representations.


Shining Light On Your Presentation.

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