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Branded Templates

The story of your brand and

Efficiently achieving a cohesive design

To enhance the visibility of companies or services and convey the desired image, effective branding is essential.

At PHAINO DESIGN, we propose a style guide for document creation based on a thorough understanding of your story and values.

By utilizing reproducible PowerPoint templates, we efficiently deploy the unique identity of your company, making it both effective and streamlined.


Proposal for a style guide

We will create a style guide encompassing fonts, color schemes, and tone & manner for use within the materials. Based on your design preferences and objective, we will propose the optimal combinations from various options, strengthening the connection to your brand image and establishing the foundation for a cohesive document design.

wireframe layout

Setting up the slide master

We will configure the slide master, a feature that can be considered PowerPoint's greatest advantage. By setting up elements such as headers and background designs on the slide master, we ensure that reusable components are efficiently utilized.

ruler, shapes and pen

​Proposal for a design assets

We propose design assets, including stock photos, illustrations, icons, and other elements for your presentation.

If needed, we'll adjust the color scheme to align with the established style guide. This ensures a cohesive and well-designed presentation.

Documents that open left and right

Creating a design rulebook

We provide a simple user manual for clients who are not familiar with PowerPoint or for companies where multiple individuals may edit the presentation. We cover topics such as how to use the Slide Master, apply templates, and offer support for creating consistently designed materials with both aesthetic appeal and replicability.


Shining Light On Your Presentation.

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